18 great bike rides in the Narooma - Tilba - Bermagui area of the New South Wales Far South Coast

Cycling Narooma - 18 great bike rides in the Narooma - Tilba - Bermagui area of the New South Wales Far South Coast
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How to heal from your cycling injury

Cycling is not usually thought of as a dangerous sport, and compared to other contact sports like Rugby, the risks for injury are considerably low. However, this does not mean that you are immune from getting hurt while cycling –especially since some of the trails here in Narooma can be quite treacherous. Common cycling injuries include, but are not limited to, various types of knee injuries, lower back pain, AC joint sprain, or a torn rotator cuff. Not all the time, but sometimes these injuries can be bad enough to necessitate surgery. However most of the time, cycling injuries are not so severe, and doctors will recommend medication for swelling, and advise to stay off your feet. If you have been unlucky enough to sustain an injury while cycling, here are some tips to help you heal from your injury

Listen to your Doctor

So often we do not comply with  Doctors’ orders because we do not like them or think we know better. However, medical doctors have studied for many years and in all probability know more than you do –so even if it means you will be off the bike for a while, if the Doctor tells you to rest, listen to him –you will heal quicker that way. Going against orders to rest can increase your recovery time, and will also make you more susceptible to sustaining further injuries.  

Have some alternative entertainment lined up

Being off the bike, or even bedridden completely, can be a big shock and adjustment to avid cyclists who ride every day. While you are recovering, it is best to have some alternative forms of entertainment lined up so that you do not get needlessly bored. Having a stock of good books or playing casino games such as poker and blackjack are good ideas. You can join Royal Vegas for awesome online casino games that will keep you entertained for hours! You can also play these games from your mobile device, so if you are bed ridden and have an immobile PC, you will still have an alternative method to accessing these fun games.

Keep fit

Even though you may have an injury, as a cyclist it is still important to try keep fit – even during times when you have been advised not to ride. If your injury is in the leg, knee or ankle – use this as an opportunity to work on your core strength and building better arm muscles. For some leg injuries, swimming can be incredibly beneficial as it does not place a lot of strain on the muscles, but first check whether this is advisable for your specific injury  with your GP, Physiotherapist or primary health care physician .

Hopefully these three key pointers will come in handy if you are currently suffering from a cycling injury, and will be useful in the future should you be unfortunate enough to sustain one. The most important thing is to do everything in your power to expedite your healing time so you will be able to get back outdoors and onto your bike!