18 great bike rides in the Narooma - Tilba - Bermagui area of the New South Wales Far South Coast

Cycling Narooma - 18 great bike rides in the Narooma - Tilba - Bermagui area of the New South Wales Far South Coast

Ride 13

Spotted Gum picnic area, Cobargo Road

Return distance 14 kms, easy grade

Start: Bermagui

This is one of those rides you will enjoy when you don’t want to cycle far, but still want something special.

The ride starts in Bermagui.

Bermagui cycle track

Ride out along the Wallaga Lake Road towards Tilba, cross the bridge over the Bermagui River, and go on for only a couple of hundred metres to the BP service station. Opposite that, there is the start of a cycle track. Follow the track to its end on Wallaga Lake Road.

Scenic Drive

After you leave the town, cycle for half a kilometre until you reach a dirt road on your right. That’s the Scenic Drive, and it will take you through the spotted gum forest, with forest on one side and farms and the ocean in the distance on the other. It’s also the way to the Bermagui Dirt Surfers Mountain Bike Track.

After about two kilometres of riding through the forest, the Scenic Drive joins with the main road again. Turn right and ride along this for about half a kilometre to signs at the start of the Scenic Forest Drive.

Scenic Forest Drive

For the next couple of kilometres, the road winds through the forest. Although this forest was logged in the past, many of the trees are mature and provide for pleasant riding.

You will get glimpses of Wallaga Lake on your right, but don’t be too anxious to get to the water, as you will be able to stop near the lake a little further on.

A short walk

There’s a road junction, and at that point there is a small, overgrown car park with a log barrier. Stop there because there is a short walk through the lillipilli forest.

Scenic picnic area

After about another kilometre, there’s the picnic area, with barbecues and picnic tables. There are tracks down to the water.

There are two ways back to Bermagui.

Return to Bermagui

The first is to keep going along the same road. That will take you out to the Cobargo Road, but it does get rather hilly. This is the way we have recommended for the ride to Cobargo under Ride 16.  

Return to the lillipilli walking track, but keep going and you will soon be back on the Bermagui Road. Turn right for the shortest route into the town.

Map for Ride 13.