18 great bike rides in the Narooma - Tilba - Bermagui area of the New South Wales Far South Coast

Cycling Narooma - 18 great bike rides in the Narooma - Tilba - Bermagui area of the New South Wales Far South Coast

Ride 14

Araganu Beach, Mimosa Rocks National Park

Return distance 48 kms, moderate grade, a few long hills

Start: Bermagui

Araganu Beach is an interesting area in the Mimosa Rocks National Park south of Bermagui.

Although total cycling time is probably no more than three hours return, consider it as a full days ride, because most people try to fit in all the scenic lookouts along the way and the sights of the national park once they arrive.

Take all food and refreshments with you, as there are no facilities after you leave Bermagui.

Mimosa Rocks National Park

Mimosa Rocks National Park extends for 17 kilometres. The park includes a number of significant coastal beaches, sea caves, cliffs, rocky coves, offshore rock stacks, headlands, lagoons and coastal lakes. The park is heavily wooded, and includes some rainforest. The park supports a rich and diverse range of bird life, mammals and reptiles.

Aragunnu Beach

The Aragunnu site—the destination of this ride—is excellent. It is one of the most interesting Aboriginal sites on the mainland coast. The National Parks and Wildlife Service has constructed a series of boardwalks that take you past a large, ancient midden. There are excellent views across a rocky beach to Mimosa Rocks.

Start this ride from Bermagui.

From Bermagui

Ride east along the main street of Bermagui to Dickinson Point featured on the Bermagui page. Between September and November, watch for whales—they frequent Horseshoe Bay, and often come in close to the town.

Coastal highlights

Continue along Pacific Drive for the numerous vantage spots to enjoy the views of the rugged coastline. One such spot is Blue Pool—there is a short road to the left that will take you to the viewing platform and park above the pool.

From the Blue Pool turnoff, the road winds around for a kilometre or so before rejoining the Bermagui–Tathra Road (it is shown on some maps as Biamanga Way).


About two kilometres south of Bermagui, there are a couple of lookouts. The main one is the Michael Lerner Lookout, a fairly prominent area that is well signposted. From the car park, there is a path to your left that will take you to a wooden viewing platform. This will give you good views of the coastline.

About one kilometre past the lookout, you will encounter the coastline to the south, including The Three Brothers, a group of rock stacks just off the headland.

Biamanga National Park

Further on you will come to the coastal section of the Biamanga National Park. The park is divided, with most of it on the western side of the Tathra Road, and away from the road. Opposite Head of Cuttagee Road, there is a rough and often rather obscure dirt track into the coastal section of the park. At the car park at the end of the track, a foot track goes to the beach and the sand dunes.

Cuttagee Lake

Back on the road again ... The next highlights will be Cuttagee Lake and Cuttagee Beach. There are benches and tables at various places along this one kilometre stretch of beach.

Once you pass Cuttagee Beach, the road turns inland, and you will leave the ocean behind for about the next half an hour. The next glimpse you get of the water will be from the hill not far from the turnoff to Araganu Beach.

About ten minutes beyond Cuttagee, you will come to a steep descent. Don't speed down this hill. Resist the temptation to go at 70 kph, because there is a sharp bend at the bottom, and it might not be possible to turn quickly enough to avoid oncoming traffic.

From the hills, you can see the mountains of the Dividing Range to the west. The prominent mountain to the south is Mumbulla Mountain.

About another two kilometres further on you will come to the edge of the Mimosa Rocks National Park. The turnoff to Aragunnu Beach, clearly marked, is about another one kilometre past the national park sign.

Note: Ride 15 continues on from this point.

To Aragunnu Beach

The turnoff to Aragunnu Beach is 20 kilometres from Bermagui. Turn along the Araganu Beach Road for a descent of about three kilometres. Within the national park there are several tracks. Check which one you need on the display boards. Take the track leading to the Mimosa Rocks. There is an excellent interpretive display area there explaining the geology, culture and the wildlife of the area.

The boardwalk

The boardwalk starts at the picnic area and will take you to the middens and the rocks. The middens there are one of the best preserved of all such middens on the south coast.

There is an extensive wooden stairway leading down to the beach. The beach there is also very popular with swimmers in the warmer months.

Returning to Bermagui

Now back to the Tathra Road. Allow about half an hour for the climb back to the Tathra road, and about one and a quarter hours cycling back to Bermagui.

Map for Ride 14.